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Ways to Fund Your Startup

unsecured business fundingSmall businesses are the real drivers of the American economy. There are between 25 and 27 million in the United States and they employ about 60% to 80% of all workers. While the Small Business Administration (SBA) backs small business loans  for entrepreneurs to start new ventures, insufficient capital is the second leading cause for failure among new companies. Many people who want to start a new company need a loan to do so and they look for unsecured business funding to get them started.
Unsecured business loans are loans that are not backed up by real estate or other collateral to back them up. They tend to have higher interest rates as a result. Financial experts recommend that entrepreneurs look to following sources for funding:

  1. Traditional banks: Most people looking to start a bu...
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Data quality control —- Videos

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Options trading education —- [YOUTUBE VIDEO]


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Data cleansing companies —- WATCH


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